Face-Painting & Make-Up Help Kids’ Imaginations

Face-painting and make-up help kids’ imaginations by allowing them to explore alternate identities and their creativity. Face painting is artistic and interactive for all involved. It can be a great way to break down barriers between people of all ages. Imagination is so important for children to explore and have great fun with. There are vacation care excursions in Sydney for kids to partake in. Things like this make it easy for parents to facilitate fun stuff for their kids to get into. Good times can be educational and enormously enjoyable at the same time.

Face Painting Parties & Festivals

Face-painting is a feature of so many festivals, markets, celebrations and parties. Artists out and about sharing their talents with the wider public is a good thing. Everyone has a story about a face-painting experience of their own or their children. It has sensational appeal for both Sydney and face painting, as a genre in itself. There is face-painting on family cruise ship holidays, at weddings, during expos, at garden-shows, cultural events, fairs, and sporting functions. To adorn a child’s face is an expression of imaginative creativity and love. Playfulness is the order of the day, when dabbling in bright make-up.

What Will Your Child Become in Their Imagination?

Will your child become a fairy, a princess, a monster, a clown, a cat, a lion, a fish, or something else? Will they be adorned with the colours of their sporting team or nationality? The commedia dell’arte is a long-held Italian tradition, where characters such as Arlecchino (Harlequin), Pulcinella, Il Capitano, Pantalone, and Il Dottore take centre stage among the populace of places like Venice. Some psychologists say that it is healthy to occasionally take a holiday from our own regular identity and play for a night at being someone else.  These archetypal characters give us room to move, some breathing room, to reinvent ourselves somewhat.

We all need the space to dream and imagine. Whether child or adult, we can benefit from some time behind the mask. Masks deliver freedom and inspiration, so that individuals can play away from the daily hum drum. Don a mask and you will take more risks in your expression. A painted face can offer a child a chance to imagine themselves as hero, villain, saviour, sinner, victim, winner, healer, leader, and many more archetypal characters in the game of life.